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Open registration: 2nd Spring University in Alto Turia (UPAT)


Once again, the Universitat de València will be present in the Valencian territory in 2021 thanks to the Universitats Estacionals programme, which has always remained faithful to the Valencian society by bringing the UV’s scientific production to a total of 20 offices spread throughout the province of Valencia. This programme’s conference topics were organised according to the demands of different towns to make them as engaging and interesting as possible.

UPAT’s (Universidad de Primavera del Alto Turia) origin is to be linked with the 2019 Biosphere Reserve declaration of Alto Turia in this territory and, therefore, the topics will revolve around what the declaration entails.

This second edition will address how to transform this territory’s natural and heritage resources into a sustainable touristic product that’s compatible with the goals of a biosphere reserve, avoiding mass tourism to revitalise the local economy and try to stop depopulation.

The conference will consist of three invited lectures and a panel discussion, all of which will have an informative approach and are intended for people who reside or work in the Reserve or its outskirts; this includes protected area managers, researchers, students and teachers interested in the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage and its enhancement.


Date From 28 april 2021 to 10 june 2021. 24h. Every day.


Place Teatro Municipal, Avda. Simón de Rojas, 23 (Titaguas)

Organized by

The Universitat de València, by means of the Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Society, organises the second edition of the Spring University in Alto Turia (UPAT), the result of the close collaboration between the UV, Alto Turia’s association of municipalities, ´the Valencian Provinial Council and Caixa Popular..



Contact unitatsuport@uv.es

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