La Nau Dance


By Lola Boreal. Idea: Noelia Arcos. Interpretation and choreography: Noelia Arcos, Marta García and Helena Gómez

Mama is an interdisciplinary dance piece that was created by four Valencian artists for it to be represented on the streets and in unconventional spaces.

Inspired by the breast cancer experience of Noelia’s mother (one of the creators) and with mama as an iconic and representative symbol of femininity, the imaginary of this scenic proposal is developed.

From mama herself, the piece addresses the following topics: mother / child relationship, censorship and the diseased body. All of this stems from the experiences of the interpreters’ feminine bodies, with a subjective, personal and visceral language.

Colloquium every Wednesday with the companies when the function finishes

Theater tickets can be booked in advance at la Tenda de la Universitat (UV shop) at La Nau, and at the University campus, or on its website ( Tickets €2

Timetable and colloquium subject to change and execution due to COVID protocols


Període From 3 march 2021 to 4 march 2021. Wednesday and thursday at 18:00 to 19:00.


Lloc Sala Matilde Salvador. Centre Cultural La Nau

Organized by

Aula d'Arts Escèniques.