A woman kneeling in the middle of a stage
La caja (donde la realidad pierde sus límites)

La Nau Theatre

La caja: donde la realidad pierde sus límites (“The box: where reality loses its limits”)

Text and direction by Désirée Belmonte

Performed by Teatro de La Catrina.

Documentary play born from the experience Désirée Belmonte had when a person very close to her was diagnosed with a mental illness. This experience awoke in Désirée the social and poetic need to investigate the universe of the mind and the obstacles faced by those who perceive reality outside the parameters accepted by our society.

Colloquium every Wednesday with the companies when the function finishes

Theater tickets can be booked in advance at la Tenda de la Universitat (UV shop) at La Nau, and at the University campus, or on its website (http://www.latenda.es/entrades). Tickets €2


ScheduleFrom 21 december 2022 to 22 december 2022. Wednesday and thursday at 19:00 to 20:30.


Place Sala Matilde Salvador. Centre Cultural La Nau

Organized by

Aula d'Arts Escèniques UV.


Contact auladeteatre@uv.es

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