European projects.
Introduction to the participation in European Projects. ECTS Credits

UVjob organises the ‘Introduction to the participation in European Projects’ course with 2 ECTS credits and dates from 1 to 31 March 2022. The enrolment period will remain open until the start of the course.

The objectives of the course are:

• raising awareness of existing funding mechanisms to develop, among others, initiatives and projects in innovation, industrial digitalisation, telecommunications, mobility, green economy, blue economy, energy efficiency, training, employment and resilience;

• • training in the participation techniques in European projects, from the conception of the idea to the presentation to the fund management authorities;

• training on European project management techniques in its main fields: administrative-legal, financial, technical, and communication and capitalisation, through real examples of projects approved by the EU;

• and improving the employability of young people through training on European projects to meet the needs of a market that demands specialists in the management of EU funds.

The course, which will be taught online, has a duration of 35 teaching hours.


Date From 22 february 2022 to 1 march 2022. 24h. Every day.


Place Online

Organized by

Universitat de València

Office of the Vice-Principal for Employment and Training Services

General Foundation of the Universitat de València




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