International Congress on Entrepreneurial Motivation (ICEM)

Entrepreneurship is a perennial phenomenon in research. In the fast-moving world we live in, it has a significant influence on key aspects of economic life such as the economic growth, the labor market, and the generation of disruptive knowledge through innovation. Not surprisingly, it has been approached in research from different perspectives, contributing to the proliferation of several exciting lines of research that have revealed a variety of unknowns in constant evolution. The International Congress on Entrepreneurial Motivation aims to be a meeting point where the scientific community discusses in a multidisciplinary way about the most novel aspects related to entrepreneurship – e.g., from digital entrepreneurship to gender and sustainability. The congress will take place on October 20th and 21st, 2021, at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia in hybrid format. Scholars and practitioners wishing to present papers at ICEM 2021 must submit an abstract (400 words) by October 13th, 2021. Scientific proposals will be considered by the Scientific Committee as they are submitted. The registration fee will be 50€ for researchers and 30€ for members of the University of Valencia and PhD students. A UVemprén - Santander Universities Prize will be awarded to the best paper of the congress. In addition, an award will be given to the best contribution for each area of the congress.

The congress sessions will be organized around the following thematic areas:

  • Digital entrepreneurship

  • Gender and entrepreneurship

  • Sustainability and entrepreneurship

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Date From 20 october 2021 to 21 october 2021. 24h. Wednesday and thursday.


Place Facultat d'Economia de la Universitat de València. Av. Tarongers, s/n. València, Espanya; i online.

Organized by

RESOCEM - Research Society on Entrepreneurial Motivation .



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