ICMol Summer Campus
ICMol Summer Campus

The Summer Campus is an ICMol programme in which you will be able to attend a series of talks on the Institute’s lines of research. You will also get to know the distinct research groups of the Institute and the scientific equipment.

The Summer Campus is an exceptional opportunity to get started in the world of science in a research institute of excellence. The ICMol is composed of internationally renowned researchers and has state-of-the-art scientific equipment.

Did you know?

Attending the Summer Campus can allow you to be part of ICMol, whether to do your dissertation, external internships in a company or to take one of our master’s degrees.



Date From 12 july 2021 to 16 july 2021. 24h. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday.


Place Instituto de Ciencia Molecular. Universitat de València.

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Instituto de Ciencia Molecular. Universitat de València..



Contact comunica@icmol.es

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