Poster of the Health Sciences Forum 2021.
Health Sciences Area. Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum 2021

The Virtual Forum for Employment and Entrepreneurship in Health Sciences by the University of Valencia is a meeting point between our undergraduate and Master's students with companies and institutions interested in professionals of the future in the field of health.

Especially addressed to future nurses, podiatrists, psychologists, speech therapists, doctors, dentists and physiotherapists. The main objective of this Forum is to promote your employability in specialised companies and organisations in the sector.

UV Employment invites you to attend online the many activities and to know the services we propose to meet you personally through our videoconference rooms, chats with companies and job opportunities in real time. In addition, we will support you throughout the day from our  virtual stand to solve any doubt.

To attend, if you are a student, click here.

Companies and institutions, click here.

Next step is to register using the link pointed by the arrow inside the virtual forum.

¡See you!


Date 25 march 2021 at 09:00 to 14:30. Thursday.


Lloc Online

Organized by

University of Valencia

UV Office of the Vice-Principle for Employment and Training Programmes

UV Employment

UV General Foundation

Faculty of Nursing and Chiropody

Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Faculty of Physiotherapy.



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