Fernando Sapiña Awards for teaching materials in Catalan and English [until 15/11]
Grants for Catalan language revitalisation activities [until 31/10]

Grants for Catalan language revitalisation activities are now available.

The Vice-Principal for Studies and Language Policy announces grants to boost the use of Catalan at the university and to achieve full language parity.

You can apply for grants to organise conferences, congresses and seminars; cultural activities (such as concerts, theatre performances or film screenings); the distribution of publications, audiovisual or multimedia materials, etc. in Catalan. You can get a grant to cover expenses such as publicity, speakers' bonuses or interpreting services (remember that activities can also be online). Applications can be submitted until 31 October 2022 and at least ten days before the start of the activity for which the aid is requested.

More information and applications available on www.uv.es/llengues/ajudes.


Date From 22 january 2022 to 31 october 2022. 24h. Every day.


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