Edición especial digital de FORINVEST 2021
FORINVEST 2021 Digital Special Edition

It's time to register for the "digital special edition" of FORINVEST 2021!

Link to registration: https://forinvest.feriavalencia.com/registro-foros-virtuales/

The general theme "Challenges of the sector in the new era" is the basis for five consecutive days of webinars from 10 to 14 May, Monday to Friday, in which topics of great interest for your subjects will be discussed.

You can consult the entire FORINVEST 2021 programme at the following link: http://forinvest.feriavalencia.com/

And as a summary ordered by FORUMS and DATES:

  • INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE FORUM, Monday 10 May, 16:00 "New post-covid business models"; 17:15 "Use and abuse of consumer data".
  • CONSULTANT'S FORUM, Tuesday 11 May, from 16:00: "Cybersecurity in times of crisis"; "Effective digital drive with E-Administration and clients"; "Crypto-asset taxation & Fiction Tax"; "Public aid and financial instruments against the pandemic for SMEs and the self-employed".
  • INNOVATION AND FINTECH FORUM, Wednesday 12 May, from 16:00: "INVESTING WITH CRITERIA Why do I invest where I invest? What do I take into account when entering a project?"; "Elevator Pitch Startup Valencia"; "Entrepreneurial Ecosystem"; "Elevator Pitch".
  • PERSONAL FINANCE FORUM, Thursday 13 May, from 16:00: How to take advantage of the fastest growing sectors; What assets should be in my portfolio? Winning thematic funds in the next decade. Is financial autonomy possible? Plan and achieve your goals. Investing to win. Stocks with upside potential for active investors.

Different format, but same objective: "transferring financial culture to society in a virtually connected world".


  • From 10 may 2021 to 13 may 2021. Monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday at 16:00 to 19:00.
  • 14 may 2021 at 11:00 to 14:00. Friday.

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