Entreiguals: application period to become a mentor is officially open.

From 1 to 21 December 2021 registration will be open to become a mentor in the Entreiguals programme of the Universitat de València, an initiative that combines experienced students with newcomers in order to facilitate their incorporation into the University. 

To be an Entreiguals mentor means to be trained in mentoring and in the resources and services of the Universitat de València as well as, in coordination with the tutor teaching staff of the centre, to develop the actions planned to promote the academic, personal and social integration of the new students. In addition, participating in Entreiguals as a mentor is awarded with a recognition of 3 ECTS credits for participation in university activities. 

The aim of the Entreiguals mentoring programme, which is coordinated by the Servei d'Informació i Dinamització (Sedi), is to facilitate the incorporation of new students and to accompany the integration of incoming students. The personal experience, shared on a peer-to-peer basis, is very useful for new students who arrive to the University. 


ScheduleFrom 30 november 2021 to 21 december 2021. Every day at 00:00 to 23:58.


Place Universitat de València

Organized by

Information and Promotion Service - Sedi.



Contact entreiguals@uv.es

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