Empleo y desarrollo profesional en la Empresa Familiar.
Employment and professional development in the family business. ECTS credits

UVjob organises the course 'Employment and professional development in the Family Business' with 2 ECTS credits and dates from March 30 to May 4, 2022. The enrolment period will remain open until the beginning of the course.

Family businesses (EF for its Spanish acronym Empresa familiar) represent a very high percentage of the economic activity and use of developed societies. According to the latest report on Family Business, published by the Instituto de la Empresa Familiar (2015), these organisations account for 66% of employment in Spain and generate 57% of wealth.

Thus, for university graduates, it is most likely that their professional development will take place within the framework of family-owned and managed companies, hence the interest in gaining an in-depth knowledge of them.

The general objectives of the course are:

• To know what and how the Family Business is, the different actors involved in it, its importance in the economy and occupation of the country, and its strengths and weaknesses..

• Understand the profile of the Family Business culture and know how to fit in professionally in order to add value and be able to grow professionally.

• Acquire the ability to improve employability for effective career management.

• To create opportunities for success in the pursuit of work in a Family Business.

• To promote personal talent advised by experts in order to create value as an employee in the family business.

• To develop innovation through positive conflict management in the Family Business.

All the modules of the programme will include mentoring sessions to improve the employability of the students enrolled.

The course, which will be taught online through the Virtual Classroom of the Universitat de València, has a duration of 20 teaching hours.



Date From 28 february 2022 to 30 march 2022. 24h. Every day.


Place UV's Virtual Classroom

Organized by

Universitat de València

Office of the Vice-Principal for Employment and Training services

General Foundation of the University of Valencia




Contact uvempleo@uv.es

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