Dissemination and communication in Social Sciences
Dissemination and communication in Social Sciences. Open enrolment

Aimed at students in upper years (3rd to 5th) and Master's degree programmes in Social Sciences, with the possible presence of students from humanities.

Theoretical-practical course for the development of informative writing of the Social Sciences in the digital sphere and the media that addresses the knowledge transfer processes acquired during the Bachelor's and Master's degree courses to society.

This course seeks to answer the question: “And now how do we translate technical-scientific knowledge into reality?” In the current communicative context of high information density, a commitment to knowledge transfer from academia is necessary, based on parameters of quality and rigour, with the aim of providing value to the current communicative space, as well as encouraging, as far as possible, a critical attitude among citizens. High dissemination is an effective tool to face 'infoxication' or disinformation or the proliferation of fake news, which is so prevalent in our societies nowadays.

In this sense, the role of social sciences is essential. For this reason, the development of communication and transfer skills of future social scientists must also be the object of work and in-depth study during the training phase, in a complementary manner to the teaching programmes of Bachelor's and Master's degrees.


Date From 14 january 2022 to 10 february 2022. 24h. Every day.


Place Tarongers Campus. Pending classroom.

Organized by

University Culture Service. Extension.



Contact cursosextensio@uv.es

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