Grupo de Danza
Dance Group (Level 1 and 2-Contemporary Dance). 2 ECTS credits. Open Enrolment

The Level 1 Dance Groupis aimed at: university students of any degree and the general public. The Level 1 workshop lasts for the whole academic year, starting on 17th October 2022 and ending on 31st May 2023. Classes are every Monday and Wednesday from 17h to 19h. The workshop ends with a public exhibition. Recognised with 2 ECTS credits.

The Level 2 Dance Group is aimed at university students and the general public with previous dance experience (with level 1 dance or, if in doubt, send curriculum to The workshop begins on 18th October and ends on 22nd December 2022. Classes are every Tuesday and Thursday. From January 2023, rehearsals will begin and a show will be created that will premiere in July 2023.

Different body techniques that exist within the different dance styles will be practised. Dance concepts such as body, spatial and temporal awareness, movement qualities and physical dexterity in the practice of dance in your body will be developed. Students will be provided with their own resources to be able to create their own artistic language (choreography). Physical memory will be strengthened by being able to memorise a choreography and the management of the final stage practice, developing the skills and abilities to face and audience.




LEVEL 1 CONTEMPORARY DANCE Prof Toni Aparisi (Profile)

From 17th October 2022 to 31st May 2023 (Mondays and Wednesdays from 17h to 19h)

FCAFE (Aula d’Expressió) (Gascó Oliag Street, 3)



LEVEL 2 CONTEMPORARY DANCE Prof Christine Cloux (Profile)

From 18th October to 22nd December 2022 (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17h to 19h)

FCAFE (Aula d’Expressió) (Gascó Oliag Street, 3)


Self-enrolment :





Date From 7 september 2022 to 17 october 2022. 24h. Every day.


Place FCAFE (Aula d’Expressió) (Gascó Oliag Street, 3)

Organized by

Performing Arts Club UV

University Culture Service.



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