Course: Cultural mediation: Social action via art practices

The reciprocity between art and social education allows for a wider outreach of methodological and research approaches to a more diverse public (usually disassociated from art) and a social betterment. That’s why the exchanges between professionals from both disciplines greatly enrich their practice.


 1. Art, intervention and social action.  

 - Theoretical foundation on the basis of social action and intervention through art.  

 - Practical references on experiences and local, national and international projects.  

 2. Museums and cultural art spaces by everyone and for everyone.  

 - Community heritage and development.  

 - Sociocultural inclusion, diversity, participation and revitalisation.  

 - The Museum outside the museum. Connection of cultural spaces with their surroundings and population.  

 3. Art mediation  

- Social pedagogy within the activities of artistic-cultural spaces. 

- Introduction to expressive therapies (Art Therapy, DMT, Music Therapy, etc.).  

- Creativity and socioemotional training techniques.  

- Basis on communication and group management in the development of art mediation activities.


Període From 20 april 2021 to 29 april 2021. Tuesday and thursday at 16:30 to 19:00.


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Organized by

General Foundation of the Universitat de València-Martínez Guerricabeitia collection..



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