Certificate in Legal and Management Skills in Collaborative Digital Businesses

Professor Ester Machancoses García, from the area of Financial and Tax Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Valencia, directs this training certificate designed for students with an entrepreneurial nature who want to acquire skills to promote new collaborative digital businesses or advise existing ones.

In the second session of the Certificate, the business they wish to start is defined with the help of experts and, from then on, all the training sessions will be used to build the structure of the business in question: viability of the business in terms of market needs, financing channels, communication resources, basic aspects of business modelling, cybersecurity, labour relations, risks to third parties, taxes, the possibility of registering patents and trademarks, competition problems, etc.

This Certificate offers, without a doubt, a great opportunity to meet students from other careers who are also interested in acquiring skills, advising and undertaking this type of digital business.  On the other hand, the work carried out can also contribute to the choice of an academic project that the students have planned shortly, such as the Final Degree Project or the Final Master's Project.  In addition, a prize for excellence in collaborative technological entrepreneurship will be awarded to the best business project carried out.

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Període From 15 june 2021 to 30 july 2021. Every day at 10:00 to 22:00.


Lloc Online

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DigLAB, an innovation project sponsored by the UVemprén-Santander Universities Campus.


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