3rd Edition Autumn University of l’Eliana (2020)
5th Edition Autumn University of l’Eliana (18 November). Registration open now

With the title 'Smart Cities: technology and citizenship’ the Universitat de València, through the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society, presents the fifth edition of the Autumn University of l'Eliana, result of the close collaboration between the Universitat de València, L’Eliana City Council, the Valencian Provincial Council and Caixa Popular.

Technology surrounds us and is present in an increasing number of the everyday activities of citizens, while at the same time it plays a decisive role in the functioning of cities and territories. These have to plan how to use technology appropriately to preserve and increase people's quality of life while ensuring sustainable development to maintain this status over time.

The approach will be smart through the strategic use of innovation and ICT infrastructures and services for transparent and participatory urban management that responds to the social and economic needs of society. Each population has to apply a Smart approach appropriate to its characteristics, focused on the benefit of people and not on technology for its own sake.

This year, in addition to dealing with technological and organisational aspects of smart cities and their impact on citizens, we will have the collaboration of the Comic Society of the University Culture Service of the Universitat de València, to address the vision of the future cities in culture and contemporary art.


Date From 26 october 2022 to 17 november 2022. 24h. Every day.

  • 18 november 2022 at 17:00 to 21:00. Friday.

Place Centro Sociocultural de l’Eliana (Plaza del Juez Miquel Comes, 1)

Organized by

Universitat de València

Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society

Valencian Provincial Council

Caixa Popular

L’Eliana City Council.



Contact territori@uv.es

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