Poster for the spring University in Canal de Navarrés
2nd Spring University in Canal de Navarrés


The University of Valencia will be present in the Valencian territory also in 2021, thanks to the programme Universitats Estacionals, which always has remained faithful to the Valencian society by bringing the scientific production of the UV to a total of 20 venues spread across the Valencian province. In this programme, promoted by the Vice-Principal's Office for Territorial Projection and Society, the topics have been organised according to the demands of every town to make them as attractive and interesting as possible.

The population's distribution across the territory responds to a historical evolution which has resulted, at present, in concentrations in areas with large municipalities where there is a greater diversity and quantity of economic activities.

One of the consequences is the ageing of the population, as well as a depopulation that endangers the sustainability of traditional activities in inland areas and the development of innovative activities contextualised in these environments.

The appreciation of the life quality in rural areas and the emergence of job opportunities in an interconnected world open up the possibility of reversing this process. To do so, it is necessary to analyse the causes, highlight the consequences and address opportunities and strategies for each geographical area in order to enhance the value of human, economic and ecological resources, respecting ecosystems and promoting innovative and sustainable solutions.

Recent analyses will be presented during the study day, such as those carried out by universities and the Valencian Strategic Anti-depopulation Plan -PLESVANT- (UV) to reflect on public policies and private initiatives.


Date 28 may 2021 at 17:00 to 20:00. Friday.



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The Vice-Principle's Office for Territorial Projection and Society of the University of Valencia is organising the second edition of the Spring University of the Canal de Navarrés, the result of the close collaboration between the UV, the Mancomunidad de la Canal de Navarrés, the Diputación de Valencia (provincial government of Valencia) and Caixa Popular..



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