1é Passeig Saludable de La Nau Gran (Registration deadline: 30/09/2021)

11th Passeig Saludable of La Nau Gran


Passeig Saludable (Healthy Walk) is a yearly non-competitive sport event with the goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle via sport practice and a balanced diet. It consists of a nice 3,5 km walk between the Botanical Garden and the Darwin Square of the UV’s Office of the Principal, passing by Jardín del Turia and Jardines del Real. There are about 1000 people participating, mainly La Nau Gran students, people older than 55 and their families, and it’s meant to be an intergenerational meeting point.

El Passeig is healthy, but also solidary, as demonstrated by its yearly collaboration with non-profit organisations. This year’s beneficiary is AFACAM (Asociación de familiares de personas con enfermedad de Alzheimer y otras demencias del Camp de Morvedre y Puçol).

Registration is open and people who sign up will receive a commemorative t-shirt (until stock runs out). Fees:

Individual registration: 5,62€

Family registration (3 members or more): 3,51€ each

Due to the health situation, this edition will be done online, October 1st at 10:00 a.m. We encourage you to wear sport shoes and make the walk in advance. If you send pictures with the shirt to, you will take part with them in the event.


Organised by: Servei de Cultura Universitària and Servei d’Esports

More information:


Date From 19 july 2021 to 30 september 2021. 24h. Every day.


Place Campus Blasco Ibáñez - Rectorat

Organized by

Servei de Cultura Universitària. Servei d’Esports.