UV Colaboratori
“UVColaboratorio”: We’re an engine for healthy change. Wish to join us? 2 ECTS credits.

Intended for students from any UV degree, but mainly for the degree in Health Sciences.

In this activity, after students complete the 10-hour-long online training on the conceptual aspects and practical tools for video making, as well as on the actions the SDG 3 comprises, they will be redistributed in smaller groups (5 students maximum). Via the face-to-face tutoring of a professor from the Faculty of Physiotherapy, students will design, record and edit small audio-visual “snippets” (mini videos) where they will describe what anyone can do to accomplish the SDG 3 about Health and Wellbeing. The Amics de la Nau Gran association’s Audio-Visual Workshop will be relied upon for the recording of videos. All mini videos will be gathered in a virtual environment to ensure their dissemination among citizens. Likewise, on April 7th, World Health Day, a presentation ceremony for the created audio-visual material will be held.

Auto-enrolment: http://links.uv.es/w2e0IP8


Date From 9 september 2021 to 13 october 2021. 24h. Every day.


Place Online and face-to-face tutoring Faculty of Physiotherapy

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Contact cursosextensio@uv.es

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