Paz de les Germanías. Pintura del siglo XIX de Marcelino Unceta.
“Universidad de Otoño de Alaquàs. L'Horta en la encrucijada. Algunas decisiones históricas cruciales”

The Universitat de València, together with the Valencian Provincial Council and Caixa Popular, presents the fourth edition of Universidad Estacional de Alaquàs, the result of a close collaboration between the previously mentioned institutions and the City Council of Alaquàs.

The Universitat de València’s Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial  Projection and Society is responsible for the carrying out of this new edition of Universidad Estacional de Alaquàs.

The series L'Horta en la encrucijada: algunas decisiones históricas cruciales will address, within the framework of Horta of Valencia, some historical moments where taking sides was necessary and led to conflicts between social classes, oligarchies, ideologies, etc., as well as several consequences.

The Universitat de València, loyal to its commitment to the territory and the local Valencian society, promotes this academic activity related to training, research and knowledge transfer, which seeks to turn into a reference in Alaquàs and its region.


Date 7 october 2021 at 17:00 to 19:30. Thursday.


Place Castillo de Alaquàs

Organized by

Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Society.



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