Pilar Coll Alas i les seues coetànies a Gandia

'Pilar Coll Alas i les seues coetànies a Gandia' (Valencian for Pilar Coll Alas and her camrades in Gandia) is a bet to give visibility to the women who during the Second Republic worked for the progress of society in this city. This exhibition can be visited in the exhibition hall of the Universitat de València in Gandia (Tozal St, 8) between the 31st March and the 30th April. 

The educator Pilar Coll (19151990) from a family deeply rooted in Gandia, studied at the Residencia de Señoritas in Madrid. During the war of 1936-1939, she took on responsabilities, directing the women's group of the Residencia de Estudiantes. The protagonist of the exhibition went into exile in 1939, establishing new roots in Mexico, where she died. The large-format exhibition, organised by Gandia City Council and the Universitat de València, shows her life journey, as well as the role played by hundreds of anti-fascist women of her time in Gandia. A map shows the places occupied by the republican organisations in that period, as well as the inclusion in showcases of documents from the Municipal Archives of Gandia. The exhibition presents unpublished photographs from the Coll family archive, as well as materials from the Asociación Cultural Instituto Obrero. 


ScheduleFrom 30 march 2022 to 30 april 2022. Every day at 18:30 to 00:00.


Place UV's Exhibition Room in Gandia (C/Tossal, 8)

Organized by

International Centre of Gandia

Gandia City Council




Contact uvgandia@uv.es