Dones en la II República Conference Cycle

The International Centre of Gandia and the Department of Culture of the City Council of Gandia organise the cycle "Les Dones en la II República" (Valencian for Women in the Second Republic) which includes a series of conferences to be held in the Cultural Centre of Gandia during the month of April. The programme is as follows


Rojas, ciudadanas y antifascistes. Memoria y relectura (Spanish for Reds, citizens and antifascists. Memory and rereading)

Mary Nash. Historian. Emeritus Professor. Universitat de Barcelona.


Las Maestras Republicanas: educación y ciudadanía (Spanish for Republican Women Teachers: education and citizenship)

Carmen Agulló. Profesora Titular de Educación Comparada e Historia de la Educación. Universitat de València


Españolas a los dos lados de la gran pantalla: las mujeres y el mundo del cine durante la II República (Spanish for Spanish women on both sides of the big screen: women and the world of cinema during the Second Republic)

Marta Garcia-Carrión. Lecturer in Contemporary History. Universitat de València


Debate y conclusión de las jornadas. Mujeres republicanas en La Safor (Spanish for Debate and conclusion of the conference. Republican women in La Safor)

Moderator: Carme Melo, Director of the International Centre of Gandia of the UV

Participants: Cristina Escrivà, Rosa Mascarell and Antonio Calzado


ScheduleFrom 7 april 2022 to 5 may 2022. Thursday and friday at 19:00 to 20:30.


Place Gandia Cultural Centre. Passeig de les Germanies, 11

Organized by

International Centre of Gandia

Gandia City Council.


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