Degree Programmes Offered.

Adaptation to undergraduate degree programmes

If you already have a 3-year degree or a 3-year engineering degree

In some studies there is the possibility of taking a Course of Adaptation to obtain the corresponding undergraduate degree. It is a group of subjects providing additional training for students who have finished 3-year degree programmes and 3-year engineering degree programmes in previous plans. The corresponding undergraduate degree is awarded on successful completion of this course.

Equivalence chart for the current degree programme

Three-year degree in Social Work

Previous degree Type of subject Type of subject Degree
Social Work Fundamentals Troncal Obligatorio Foundations of social work
Introduction to Psychology Troncal Basic Training Psychological activity and human behaviour
Sociology Troncal Basic Training General sociology
Law Troncal Obligatorio Introduction to the law of social protection
Public Health and Social Work Troncal Obligatorio Health and social work
Social Psychology Introduction Troncal Basic Training Introduction to social psychology
Individualised Social Intervention and with Primary Groups Troncal Obligatorio Social work methods: individual, group and community
    Obligatorio Techniques and procedures in social work
Social Communication Techniques Optativo Obligatorio Social interaction and communication in social work
    Optativo Techniques of communication social
Methods and Techniques in Social Research Troncal Obligatorio Methods and social research techniques
Social Welfare System Troncal Obligatorio Social administration and welfare systems
    Obligatorio Public social services system benefits
Work Placement in Intervention. Level I Troncal Obligatorio External internships I
Work Placement in Intervention. Level II Troncal Obligatorio External Internships II
Community Intervention in Social Work Troncal Obligatorio Models applied to social work
Social Policy Troncal Obligatorio Introduction to social politics
Social Anthropology Troncal Basic Training Social anthropology
Social Services Troncal Obligatorio Social services
Anthropology of Ethnic and Cultural Groups Optativo Optativo Anthropology of ethnic and cultural groups
Urban Anthropology Optativo Optativo Urban anthropology
Social and Health Services in Europe Optativo Optativo International welfare
Penitentiary Law Optativo Optativo Penitentiary law
Habitat, Territory and the Environment Optativo Optativo Habitat, landscape and environment
Ideologies and Social Welfare Optativo Optativo Ideologies and social welfare
Special Issues in Social Policy Optativo Optativo Comparative social policies
Socio-cultural Promotion Programmes Optativo Optativo Programmes for social and cultural entertainment
Psycho-social Intervention Optativo Optativo Psychology and the sex/gender system
Gender Psychology Optativo    
Social Psychology of Maladaptation Optativo Optativo Social psychology of maladaptation
Sociology of Social Deviation Optativo Optativo Sociology of social deviation
Sociology of Health Optativo Optativo Health sociology
Social Work, Cooperation and International Relations Optativo Optativo Social work and international development aid
Socio-educational Social Work Optativo Optativo Social work in various educational contexts
Social Work with Families and other Social Networks Optativo Optativo Social work with families and other social networks
Social Work, Vulnerability and Exclusion Optativo Optativo Social work, immigration and interculturality
Employment Policy Regulation Optativo Optativo Social work in active employment policies
Social Work in Active Employment Policies Optativo    
Computer Science applied to Social Services and Social Work Optativo Basic Training Instruments and information techniques, study and documentation organisation
Social, Economic and Cultural Rights Optativo Basic Training Human rights: social rights
Introduction to Economics Optativo Basic Training Economics applied to social sciences
Contemporary Social and Political History Optativo Basic Training Social history and contemporary politics
Life-long Learning Optativo Basic Training Social education: social educational intervention
Social Structure and Spain's Social Structure II Optativo Obligatorio Contemporary social structure

Further training for the Degree in Social Work

Previous degree Type of subject Type of subject Degree
Social projects Obligatorio Obligatorio Social projects
Professional communication Obligatorio Obligatorio Professional communication
Research, diagnosis and evaluation in social work Obligatorio Obligatorio Research, diagnosis and evaluation in social work
Research in social welfare sistems Obligatorio Obligatorio Research in social welfare sistems
Social politics Obligatorio Obligatorio Social politics
Psychological development in the life cycle Obligatorio Obligatorio Psychological development in the life cycle
Gender equality and non-discrimination Obligatorio Obligatorio Gender equality and non-discrimination
    Basic Training Gender equality and non-discrimination
Degree final project Obligatorio Obligatorio Degree final project