Degree Programmes Offered.

Work placements

Work placements are essentially a training activity for the students, who are supervised by a tutor at their company or institution, and by an academic tutor of the University of Valencia. Their main objective is to enable students to apply and to help them complement the knowledge they have acquired throughout their academic training, whilst at the same time utilising their acquired skills that have prepared them for the professional world, facilitated their employment and encouraged their entrepreneurial ability. 

Internships are planned on an annual basis and are designed to give students the opportunity to join different health institutions involved in the professional field of podiatry. In the case of this degree, internships are available in health centres and all students spend a training period in all collaborating health centres. At the beginning of each Practicum students receive a schedule specifying where traineeships will take place every day and at which health institution. This mechanism ensures fairness for the students enrolled in the Integrated Clinical Practicum module.

Internships are covered in the Integrated Clinical Practicum module, which is part of the curriculum for the Degree in Podiatry and includes three compulsory subjects: Practicum I (6 ECTS), Practicum II (15 ECTS) and Practicum III (15 ECTS), with a total load of 864 hours.

The objective of internships is that degree students have the opportunity to learn how to integrate the training gained throughout their studies with the demands of the labour market in a real clinical environment. The health centres where students can complete internships are:

• Clínica Podològica Universitària de la Universitat de València (Fundació Lluís Alcanyís)
• Servei d'Endocrinologia i Nutrició (Hospital Universitari i Politècnic la Fe de València)
• Unitat de Podologia (Hospital Pare Jofre)
• Policlínica de Dermatologia - consultes externes (Hospital General Universitari de València)