Degree Programmes Offered.

Adaptation to new undergratuate degrees

For students who did not complete a phased-out degree: Diplomatura (3-year Bachelor’s Degree), Ingeniería Técnica (3-year Degree in Engineering), Ingeniería (5-year Degree in Engineering) or a Licenciatura (5-year Bachelor’s Degree)

Completed subjects in your ‘old’ academic record will be validated by corresponding subjects in the new degree programme in accordance with the Equivalence Chart set for each degree (see below), establishing equivalences with previous degree programmes.

If the degree of correspondence between subjects is high, the grade/mark obtained in the original subject is also transferred. If two or more original subjects are needed to establish the equivalence, the transferred grade will be the weighted average. If the grade in one of the original subjects were an A+ (Sp. matrícula de honor), this will be also transferred to the new record if and only if the weighted average is higher than 9 (out of 10).

For the purposes of adaptation to the current degree programme, the following Equivalence Chart is used for reference, and the four exam attempts for each subject set by the regulations are observed

Equivalence chart for the current degree programme

Licenciado en Periodismo (Plan 2000)

Previous degree Type of subject Type of subject Degree
Análisis del Entorno Social Troncal Basic Training Society today
Information Society Obligatorio    
Estructura de la Comunicación Obligatorio Obligatorio Communication Structure and Culture Industries
Estructura de la Comunicación Troncal    
History of Present World Troncal Basic Training History of the World today
Historia General de la Comunicación Obligatorio Basic Training History of Communication
Historia General de la Comunicación Troncal    
Written Spanish Language for the Media Obligatorio Basic Training Oral and written expression for the media I (Spanish)
Written Spanish Language for the Media Troncal    
Oral Spanish Language for the Media Obligatorio    
Oral Spanish Language for the Media Troncal    
Theory and Technology of Written Communication Obligatorio Obligatorio Informative Genres
Theory and Technology of Written Communication Troncal    
Theory and Technology of Audiovisual Communication Troncal Obligatorio Communication Technologies I
Introducción al Multimedia Troncal Obligatorio Communication Technologies II
Radio and Television Technology Obligatorio    
Informative Documentation Troncal Basic Training Communicative documentation
Theory of Communication Obligatorio Basic Training Theories of Communication
Theory of Communication Troncal    
Lengua Catalana Escrita para los Medios de Comunicación Obligatorio Basic Training Oral and written expression for the media II (Catalan)
Oral Catalan Language for the Media Obligatorio    
Theory and Practice of Informative and Interpretative Genres Obligatorio Obligatorio Interpretative Genres
Internet for Communicators Obligatorio Obligatorio Digital Journalism
Internet for Communicators Troncal    
Periodismo Digital Troncal    
History of Social Communication in the Valencian Region Obligatorio Obligatorio History of social communication in the Valencian Community
Theory and Practice of Opinion Genres Obligatorio Obligatorio Journalistic Opinion Genres
Divulgación de la Información Científica Optativo Obligatorio Publication of scientific and technological information
Tipología y Producción de Agencias de Información Optativo Obligatorio News Agencies
Tipología y Producción de Revistas y Magazines (en Papel y Electrónicas) Optativo Obligatorio Journals and magazines
Theory and Techniques of Photography Optativo Optativo Photojournalism and Digital Image
Comprensión y Utilización de Datos y Estadísticas Optativo Optativo Statistics for Journalists
Introducción a la Economía Actual Optativo Basic Training IntroIntroduction to today’s economy
Instituciones Políticas Contemporáneas Optativo Basic Training Contemporary political institutions
Teoría e Historia del Periodismo Troncal Obligatorio Theory and History of Journalism I
    Obligatorio Theory and History of Journalism II
Newspaper and Magazine Organization, Design and Production (Written and Digital) Troncal Obligatorio Newspaper Organisation and Production and Graphic Design and Computer Graphics
Cultural Journalism Troncal Obligatorio Journalism of society and culture
Periodismo de Sociedad Troncal    
El Tratamiento Informativo Económico Optativo Obligatorio Economic Journalism and its Treatment
Periodismo Económico Troncal    
El Tratamiento Informativo Político Optativo Obligatorio Political Journalism and its Treatment
Periodismo Político Troncal    
El Reportaje de Investigación Obligatorio Obligatorio End-of-grade Project in journalism
In-depth Interview Obligatorio    
Periodismo de Investigación y de Precisión Troncal    
Derecho de la Información Troncal Basic Training Communication Law
Libertad de Expresión y Ética Informativocomunicativa Troncal    
Sports Journalism Troncal Optativo Sports Journalism
Periodismo Local/Comarcal Troncal Obligatorio Local and regional journalism
Programación, Diseño y Producción de Programas Radiofónicos y Televisivos Troncal Obligatorio Television news, and locution and presentation techniques
Scientific Informative Treatment Optativo Obligatorio Journalism of science and technology and its treatment
Gabinetes de Comunicación Optativo Obligatorio Press Office and Corporate Communication
Public Opinion Optativo Optativo Political Communication and Public Opinion
Periodismo y Literatura Optativo Optativo Journalistic Writing Workshop
Periodismo de Violencia y de Paz Optativo Obligatorio Journalism of conflicts and peace
Seminario de Cuestiones de Actualidad Optativo Optativo Cinematographic journalism
Taller de Experimentación de Innovaciones Periodísticas Optativo Obligatorio Informative radio magazine
Prácticas Externas Optativo Obligatorio Traineeship
    Optativo Traineeship
Cosmology and Space Exploration Optativo Optativo Cosmology and Space Exploration
Medicamentos y Sociedad/Medicina y Salud Optativo Optativo Medicaments and Society / Medicine and Health
    Optativo Professional English for Journalists