Degree Programmes Offered.

Adaptation to new undergratuate degrees

For students who did not complete a phased-out degree: Diplomatura (3-year Bachelor’s Degree), Ingeniería Técnica (3-year Degree in Engineering), Ingeniería (5-year Degree in Engineering) or a Licenciatura (5-year Bachelor’s Degree)

Completed subjects in your ‘old’ academic record will be validated by corresponding subjects in the new degree programme in accordance with the Equivalence Chart set for each degree (see below), establishing equivalences with previous degree programmes.

If the degree of correspondence between subjects is high, the grade/mark obtained in the original subject is also transferred. If two or more original subjects are needed to establish the equivalence, the transferred grade will be the weighted average. If the grade in one of the original subjects were an A+ (Sp. matrícula de honor), this will be also transferred to the new record if and only if the weighted average is higher than 9 (out of 10).

For the purposes of adaptation to the current degree programme, the following Equivalence Chart is used for reference, and the four exam attempts for each subject set by the regulations are observed

Instruccions per a l'adaptació

Com demanar la teua adaptació:

Equivalence chart for the current degree programme

Licenciado en Historia (Plan 2000)

Previous degree Type of subject Type of subject Degree
Prehistory Troncal Obligatorio Ancient universal prehistory
    Obligatorio Recent universal prehistory
Ancient Universal History Troncal Obligatorio Universal Ancient History I
    Obligatorio Universal Ancient History II
Universal Medieval History Troncal Obligatorio The formation of Europe (5th- 11th centuries)
    Obligatorio The expansion and consolidation of Europe (11th-15th centuries)
Universal Modern History Troncal Obligatorio Modern universal history I
    Obligatorio Modern universal history II
Historia Contemporánea Universal Troncal Obligatorio Contemporary universal history 1
    Obligatorio Contemporary universal history 2
Spanish Geography Optativo Basic Training Geography
Introduction to History Optativo Basic Training Introduction to History
    Basic Training Introduction to the History of Art
Prehistoria de la Península Ibérica Troncal Obligatorio Prehistory of the Iberian Peninsula
Historia Antigua de España Troncal Obligatorio Ancient history of Spain
Spanish Medieval History Troncal Obligatorio The Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages (5th-15th centuries)
    Obligatorio The Crown of Aragon in the Middle Ages (12th-15th centuries)
Spanish Modern History Troncal Obligatorio Modern history of Spain 1
    Obligatorio Modern history of Spain 2
Contemporary History of Spain Troncal Obligatorio Contemporary history of Spain 1
    Obligatorio Contemporary history of Spain 2
Arqueología de los Animales Optativo Optativo Prehistory of art
History of Greek and Roman Religion Optativo Optativo Religion and magic in the ancient world
History of the Kingdom of Aragon Optativo Optativo History of the medieval Islamic world
Prácticas Externas I Optativo Optativo External internships