Degree Programmes Offered.

Work placements

Work placements are essentially a training activity for the students, who are supervised by a tutor at their company or institution, and by an academic tutor of the University of Valencia. Their main objective is to enable students to apply and to help them complement the knowledge they have acquired throughout their academic training, whilst at the same time utilising their acquired skills that have prepared them for the professional world, facilitated their employment and encouraged their entrepreneurial ability. 

The UV considers external internships as an important and necessary method for learning and preparing students, while also representing a direct connection to society.

The UV has its own set of regulation rules for internships. For each university centre there’s an internship commission whose mission is, among others, promoting and academically supervising training internships. There are two types of internship: curricular and extracurricular. Curricular internships are set as academic activities added to the corresponding curriculum (undergraduate and postgraduate studies) which corresponds to a certain module, topic or subject.

On the other hand, extracurricular internships can be voluntarily carried out by students during their training period (undergraduate and postgraduate studies) and they’re not included in the curriculum, even though they share the same goals as the curricular ones. As regards the carrying out of internships with minors and in compliance with the Law of 26/2015, July 28th, about the changes in the child and adolescent protection system, students who want or must carry out internships involving direct contact with minors are compulsorily required to present a negative certificate of the Central Register of Sexual Criminals issued by the Ministry of Justice.

External Internships’ conditions are set by the Regulation of External Internships of the Universitat de València.

You can find more information on the webpage of the Faculty of Pharmacy . and the University-Business Foundation