• Degree Programmes Offered

Knowledge branch: Social and legal science

Taught at: Faculty of Law

Undergraduate degree website: www.uv.es/grado/derecho

Credits: 240

Core subjects: 60

Compulsory subjects: 145,5

Optional subjects: 18

External placements: 10,5

Degree final project 6

Degree code: 1303

Classes: face-to-face

Years: 4

1st year available places 2021: 560

Price per credit [2020-2021 academic year]: 13,86 €

Regulated professions for which the degree certificate qualifies: Not applicable

Languages used in class: English, Spanish, Valencian

Minimum number of enrolment credits per student: 30 ECTS part-time students/ 60 ECTS full-time students

Degree Academic Committee President (CAT): Palao Gil, Francisco Javier/Marimón Durá, Rafael/Serra Cristóbal, Rosario I.

Degree coordinator Villamarín Gómez, Sergio E.

External placements coordinator: Lois Caballé, Ana Isabel

Mobility coordinator Machancoses García, Ester / Atienza Navarro, Mª Luisa

Academic, scientific or professional interest:

The Degree in Law provides a basic legal education that consists of two things: the theoretical knowledge about legislation; and the methodological tools needed to interpret and apply the law. The main object of the degree is to produce professionals who can defend the citizens’ rights in their society, according to the established legal system.

Worth Noting:

Students complete their training by studying of one of eleven academic pathways that can be chosen according to preference. Each of the academic pathways comprises of 18 optional credits. You can take the subject Human rights as a part of any of the academic pathways, as an additional subject or as in substitution of another subject worth the same amount of credits (4.5). You can acquire a double degree by combining the Degree in Business Administration and Management and the Degree in Law; or the Degree in Law and the Degree in Political and Public Administration Sciences; or the Degree in Law and the Degree in Criminology.