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Adaptation to new undergratuate degrees

For students who did not complete a phased-out degree: Diplomatura (3-year Bachelor’s Degree), Ingeniería Técnica (3-year Degree in Engineering), Ingeniería (5-year Degree in Engineering) or a Licenciatura (5-year Bachelor’s Degree)

Completed subjects in your ‘old’ academic record will be validated by corresponding subjects in the new degree programme in accordance with the Equivalence Chart set for each degree (see below), establishing equivalences with previous degree programmes.

If the degree of correspondence between subjects is high, the grade/mark obtained in the original subject is also transferred. If two or more original subjects are needed to establish the equivalence, the transferred grade will be the weighted average. If the grade in one of the original subjects were an A+ (Sp. matrícula de honor), this will be also transferred to the new record if and only if the weighted average is higher than 9 (out of 10).

For the purposes of adaptation to the current degree programme, the following Equivalence Chart is used for reference, and the four exam attempts for each subject set by the regulations are observed

Degree Adaptation Tables

Although it is expected that most of the new grade students are of new enrolment, it could be an incorporation of students from other current titles and likely to be interested in moving to the new Grade proposed here.

Title Academic Committee will approve tables of equivalence between the subjects of the current titles and future new degree, which will allow all students who wish to adapt to the new grade.

In particular, taking into account the contents of the current Chemical Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering - Electronic Systems degrees and new subjects in the Degree in Industrial Electronics Engineering it is expected that there is a possible adaptation of students to new degree programme. In this case the table adaptation from Telecommunications Engineering - Electronic Systems will be:

Subjects Telecommunications Engineering - Electronic Systems Subjects Degree in Industrial Electronic Engineering
13104 Principles of Mathematics for Engineering Mathematics
13115 Mathematical Methods for Engineering
13103 Principles of Physic for Engineering Physics
13102 Electronic Devices
12755 Computing Informatics
13029 Programming Tools
13105 Fundamentals of Computers Architecture Electronic Systems
13125 Digital Electronic Systems
13097 Digital Electronic Devices and Circuits
13110 Instrumentation and Electronic Equipment
13100 Analog Electronics I
13101 Analog Electronics II
13124 Electronic Control Systems Dynamics and Control Engineering
12510 Economy and Industrial Organization Business
13111 Introduction to Power Electronics Power Electronics
13123 Power Supply Electronic Systems

For current students of Chemical Engineering programme, table of adaptation to the new Degree in Industrial Electronics Engineering, will be:

Subjects Chemical Engineer Subjects Degree in Industrial Electronic Engineering
12493 Algebra Mathematics
12498 Numerical Analysis
12511 Differential Equations
12514 Statistics
12541 Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineering
12521 Graphic Expression Engineering Graphics
12523 Applied Physics I Physics
12524 Applied Physics II
12526 Basis of Computer Science Informatics
12547 Basis of Chemistry Chemistry
12555 Inorganic Chemistry
12556 Organic Chemistry
12519 Laboratory of Chemistry I
12520 Laboratory of Chemistry II
12564 Applied Thermodynamics Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
12565 Thermotechnology
12566 Heat transfer
12540 Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics
12563 Environmental Technology Principles of environmental technology and sustainability
12525 Basis of Electronics Principles of electrical engineering and electronics
12512 Electrotechnics
12510 Economy and Industrial Organization Business
12550 Projects Project management

Other aspects of the adaptation process:

For students who have completed at least 120 credits in the degree being phased out, will be recognized 6 ECTS of basic subject "Engineering, Society and University".

Those students who have completed at least 240 hours of Work Placement, will be recognized 12 ECTS of the subject Company Internships.

Recognition of any subject included in degree being phased out, which has been passed by the student and has not been seen in the table above will be considered by the Academic Committee of Title.

Additionally, once the new undergraduate degree programme has been implemented in particular subjects, the Academic Committee of Title will specify specific subject recognitions.