• Degree Programmes Offered

Knowledge branch: Arts and humanities

Taught at: Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication

Undergraduate degree website: www.uv.es/grado/estudios-hispanicos

Credits: 240

Core subjects: 60

Compulsory subjects: 138

Optional subjects: 30

External placements: 6 included in Opt.S.

Degree final project 12

Degree code: 1003

Classes: face-to-face

Years: 4

1st year available places 2021: 80

Price per credit [2020-2021 academic year]: 14,96 €

Regulated professions for which the degree certificate qualifies: Not applicable

Languages used in class: Spanish, Valencian

Minimum number of enrolment credits per student: 24 ECTS part-time/36 ECTS full time

Degree Academic Committee President (CAT): Ricós Vidal, Amparo

Degree coordinator Peris Llorca, Jesús

External placements coordinator: Ricardo Rodrigo Mancho

Mobility coordinator Ricardo Rodrigo Mancho/ Cristina Villalba Ibáñez

Academic, scientific or professional interest:

The Degree in Hispanic Studies provides an in-depth teaching of Spanish language and literature written in this language, as well as the different disciplines that study these fields (such as linguistics, sociolinguistics or literature theory). This degree trains professionals who are capable of answering present-day society’s communicative needs, thanks to the development of a critical conscience and finely tuned analytical skills.

Worth Noting:

From the third academic year onwards, students of this degree can enhance their learning with degree-specific optional subjects or a minor programme. A minor is a set of 30 optional credits, granted to students of a second language who have previously taken classes counting for 12 basic training credits.

Even if students don’t take a minor programme, they must study a second language (Arabic, Basque, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Russian).