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Adaptation to new undergratuate degrees

For students who did not complete a phased-out degree: Diplomatura (3-year Bachelor’s Degree), Ingeniería Técnica (3-year Degree in Engineering), Ingeniería (5-year Degree in Engineering) or a Licenciatura (5-year Bachelor’s Degree)

Completed subjects in your ‘old’ academic record will be validated by corresponding subjects in the new degree programme in accordance with the Equivalence Chart set for each degree (see below), establishing equivalences with previous degree programmes.

If the degree of correspondence between subjects is high, the grade/mark obtained in the original subject is also transferred. If two or more original subjects are needed to establish the equivalence, the transferred grade will be the weighted average. If the grade in one of the original subjects were an A+ (Sp. matrícula de honor), this will be also transferred to the new record if and only if the weighted average is higher than 9 (out of 10).

For the purposes of adaptation to the current degree programme, the following Equivalence Chart is used for reference, and the four exam attempts for each subject set by the regulations are observed

Adaptació al Grau en Ciències Ambientals


Equivalence chart for the current degree programme

Licenciado en Ciencias Ambientales Plan 2001

Previous degree Type of subject Type of subject Degree
Biology Obligatorio Basic Training Biology
Biology Troncal    
Botanics Obligatorio Basic Training Botany
Bases of Environmental Physics Obligatorio Basic Training Physics
Bases of Environmental Physics Troncal    
Physical Geology Obligatorio Basic Training Geology
Physical Geology Troncal    
Mathematical Foundations for Environmental Study Troncal Basic Training Matemáticas I
Estadística Troncal Basic Training Mathematics II
Chemical Basis of the Environment Obligatorio Basic Training Chemistry
Chemical Basis of the Environment Troncal    
Population and Territory Obligatorio Basic Training Society, Population and Landscape
Environment and Society Obligatorio    
Environment and Society Troncal    
Zoology Obligatorio Basic Training Zoology
Environmental Administration Legislation Obligatorio Basic Training Environmental Law and Public Administration
Environmental Administration Legislation Troncal    
Ecology Obligatorio Obligatorio Ecology
Ecology Troncal    
Edafología Obligatorio Obligatorio Edaphology
Contaminación Atmosférica Troncal Obligatorio Environmental Pollution Evaluation
Contaminación Marina Optativo    
Basis for Environmental Engineering Obligatorio Obligatorio Foundations of Environmental Engineering
Basis for Environmental Engineering Troncal    
Geographical-physical Environment Obligatorio Obligatorio Physical Geography
Geographical-physical Environment Troncal    
Hydrology Optativo Obligatorio Continental and Marine Hydrology
Meteorología y Climatología Troncal Obligatorio Meteorology and Climatology
Environmental Microbiology Obligatorio Obligatorio Environmental Microbiology
Geographical Information Systems Obligatorio Obligatorio Geographical Information Systems
Geographical Information Systems Troncal    
Toxicología Ambiental y Salud Pública Troncal Obligatorio Environmental Toxicology and Public Health
Economía Aplicada Troncal Obligatorio Economics and the Environment
Organización y Gestión de Proyectos Troncal Obligatorio Project Elaboration and Management
Evaluación del Impacto Ambiental Troncal Obligatorio Environmental Impact Evaluation
Gestión y Conservación de Recursos Naturales Troncal Obligatorio Management and Conservation of Ground and Water
Gestión y Conservación de Recursos Naturales Troncal Obligatorio Management and Conservation of Species and Habitats
Ordenación del Territorio y Medio Ambiente Troncal Obligatorio Landscape Planning
Instrumental Techniques for Environmental Control Optativo Obligatorio Technology for Pollution Control
Tratamiento de Residuos Obligatorio    
Gestión Ambiental de la Empresa Optativo Optativo Environment Management in Businesses
Energías Renovables Optativo Optativo Energy Management. Renewable Energy
Contaminación Industrial Optativo Optativo Industrial Pollution Prevention
Chemical Analysis Methodology Obligatorio Optativo Analysis Techniques in Environmental Chemistry