Degree Programmes Offered.

ANECA (National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation) is a foundation whose aim is to provide external quality assurance for the university system and contribute to its ongoing improvement.

ANECA develops several programmes to carry out evaluation, certification and accreditation so as to integrate our system into the European Higher Education Area (EHEA):

Evaluation of teaching and institutions:

  • VERIFICA Programme: evaluates curriculum proposals for degree programmes designed in accordance with objectives set for building the European Higher Education Area.
  • MONITOR Programme: monitors the verified programme until it must be submitted again for accreditation renewal.
  • AUDIT Programme: provides guidance to universities for setting up their own quality assurance systems.
  • Mention of Quality for PhD programmes: recognises scientific, technical and training competencies of specific PhD programmes.

Evaluation of teaching staff:

  • For recruitment (PEP): evaluates the teaching and research performance and academic credentials of applicants for posts of contracted university lecturers (contracted lecturer PhD, trainee lecturer PhD, temporary lecturer and private university lecturer) established in LOMLOU.
  • National accreditation (ACADEMIA): evaluates merits and competencies of applicants to access tenured university teaching positions (senior lecturers and full university professors).
  • DOCENTIA programme: provides support to universities to design their own mechanisms to assess teaching quality.

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