Description of the training action

Know how scientific products are evaluated
Know and know how to calculate the main bibliometric indicators. Know the criteria of the main Evaluation Agencies. Know and know how to use the main analysis tools of the research activity. Know and know how to use the main resources to obtain signs and indicators of quality and impact.

Training program Doctoral School- Transversal doctoral training activities
Content of the training program

Although the essential activity of the doctorate is research, the doctoral programs include other training activities that include both transversal training and specific training in the field of each program.

Approved cross-curricular activities are offered in one or more editions, depending on the expected number of students, with different dates, profiles and languages. All editions are taken in distance mode (online), have a duration equivalent to 15 hours and are taught through the Virtual Classroom of the UV

Competences achieved Comunication in mother tongue
Thematic Areas
  • Languages, communication and oral and written expression
  • Learning and Education Resources
Academic Course 2021-2022
Number of places 50
Admission criteria
  • Inscription order
  • Linkage to the title
Addressed to Students
PhD students Students of any PhD
Duration 15 hores/ 15 horas/ 15 hours (hours)
It coincides with ordinary classes period Yes
Mode of teaching Synchronous Online
Development mode Other
Teaching language
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Valencian
Campus Other spaces of the UV
Evaluation system
  • Learning assessment test
  • Presence
  • Completed tasks
Credits for participation are recognized No
Is free Si
Date start enrollment 02/12/21
Date end enrollment 17/12/21
Contact Email
Contact Phone 961 625 030