According to its Constitution, the Universitat de València (UV), as a public service, is entrusted with the mission of promoting research, both basic and applied, scientific and technological development. Also, in line with the provisions of the Organic Law of Universities, the UV considers the promotion of knowledge transfer and innovation as a strategic pillar.


Within this framework, the Vice-Principal for Research and the Vice-Principal for Innovation and Transfer are responsible for the design and planning of the development of institutional scientific and innovation policy with the support of the Research Commission, a collegiate body of a consultative and advisory nature to the Governing Council on research.


Through this website, the aim is to make known to the university community and society in general, the activity of the UV in the field of research, knowledge transfer, the internationalization of both, and university entrepreneurship. In addition, companies or other entities interested in collaborating in joint research projects, or in solving specific technological problems, can consult the updated scientific and technological offer of the institution or request specialised advice.