The State Plans for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation are responsible for the development and financing by the General State Administration of the actions contained in the Spanish Science and Technology and Innovation Strategy 2013-2020.

The current State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation for the period 2017-2020 is structured into four national programmes that correspond to the general objectives established in the Strategy. The national programmes are deployed in multiannual sub-programmes that will be developed mainly through competitive calls for proposals, in which the modalities of participation and funding will be detailed.


  • State programme for the promotion of talent and its employability in R&D&I.

    - State sub-programme for training in R&D&I.

    - State sub-programme for incorporation.

    - State sub-programme for mobility.

  • State programme for knowledge generation and scientific and technological strengthening of the R&D&I system.

    - State sub-programme for knowledge generation.

    - State sub-programme for institutional strengthening.

    - State sub-programme for research infrastructures and scientific and technical equipment.

  • State programme for business leadership in R&D&I.

    - State sub-programme for business R&D&I.

    - State sub-programme for the promotion of enabling technologies.

  • State R&D&I programme oriented towards the challenges of society.

    - Challenge 1. Health, demographic change and well-being.

    - Challenge 2. Bioeconomy: sustainability of primary production and forestry systems, food safety and quality, marine and maritime research and bio-products.

    - Challenge 3. Secure, efficient and clean energy.

    - Challenge 4. Sustainable, intelligent, connected and integrated transport.

    - Challenge 5. Climate change and use of natural resources and raw materials.

    - Challenge 6. Social sciences and humanities and science with and for society.

    - Challenge 7. Digital economy, society and culture.

    - Challenge 8. Security, safety and defence.

  • Strategic Actions.

    - SA1. Strategic action in health.

    - SA2. Strategic action in the digital economy and society.


More information on the State Plan 2017-2020: