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Knowledge area: PROCEDURAL LAW
Department: Administrative and Procedural Law
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Virginia Pardo Iranzo is a Professor of Procedural Law at the University of Valencia. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law (1995) and a PhD in Law (2000) from the same University, where she is a Professor of undergraduate and postgraduate studies. She had a collaboration scholarship (1994) and a research scholarship (FPU, 1996-1999) which were awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science.

He was a visiting researcher at the Universities of Fribourg, Florence, Genoa, New York, London and Dublin and a visiting professor at the Universities of Toulouse (France), Warsaw (Poland) and Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia).

As far as her research work is concerned, she is the author of six monographs: Ejecución de sentencias por obligaciones de hacer y de no hacer in 2001 (‘The Execution of Sentences for Affirmative and Negative Covenants’), La tutela ejecutiva en el procedimiento civil, (‘Legal Protection on the Civil Procedure’) published in three editions in 2004, 2007 and 2011, La prueba documental en el proceso penal in 2008 (‘Documentary Evidence in Criminal Cases’), La ejecución del laudo arbitral (‘Execution of Arbitration Awards’) in 2010, Claroscuros de la prueba pericial científica. Los análisis químicos de las sustancias estupefacientes in 2012 (‘Grey Areas in Scientific Expert Evidence. Chemical Analysis of Narcotic Substances’) and La ejecución del acuerdo de mediación in 2014 (‘Mediation Agreement Execution’). The other monograph, Los procesos de ejecución (‘Execution Processes’) was written in collaboration with Parada Mendía in 2019. She has also written many articles and book chapters, which make a total of almost a hundred publications. Regarding European procedural law, she published the monograph El sistema jurisdiccional de la Unión Europea (‘The Jurisdictional System of the European Union’) in 2013, as well as various articles and chapters of different books on European Union law.

He has been a member of seven research projects. Five of them deal with European procedural issues and they have been supported by the University of Valencia, the Valencian Regional Ministry of Business, University and Science, the Ministry of Education and Science and the European Commission. She has been the main researcher of two of these projects.

As far as the management work is concerned, it should be noted that that she was the head of department (Vicerectorate for Territorial Participation and Protection) from January 2015 to May 2018. She was also a member of the Board of the Faculty of Law and of the teaching staff of the University of Valencia. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Revista Brasileira de Direito Processual (Brazilian Legal Journal on Procedural Law) and of the Revista Iuris Tantum (Bolivian Law Journal).

Finally, regarding knowledge transfer and activities other than the University, it should be noted that she has been an international arbitrator since December 2012, as well as President of the Arbitration Association of the Consumer Arbitration Board of the Valencian Community since 2012 and member of the Spanish Working Group on Interpretation of the Network of Official Forensic Laboratories (RLFOE) since February 2013.

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