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Director/a Centre Documentacio Europea
Knowledge area: ECONOMIC STRUCTURE (specific)
Department: Economic Structure
Professor, Department of Applied Economics II, Office E07 INTECO Research Group University of Valencia. VLC/CAMPUS PO Box 22006 E-46071 Valencia (Spain) Voice: 34963828349 Fax: 34963828354 Visit my publications at
(9638) 28361

Dr. Cecilio Tamarit Escalona is currently Professor of Economics at the University of Valencia. He holds an endowed "ad personam" Jean Monnet Chair in European Economic Integration and is a member of the INTECO joint research unit ( He was previously Senior Fellow at the Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania), Senior Advisor at the Spanish Prime Minister's Office, Visiting Fellow (and invited professor) at the University of Nottingham, University of Goettingen, Harvard University and Robert Schuman Scholar at the Research Department of the European Parliament. His main lines of research are Monetary and Fiscal Integration and International Trade and Macroeconometrics. He has published extensively in academic journals as Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Banking and Finance, Economic Inquiry, Journal of Comparative Economics, Economics Letters, Journal of Macroeconomics or Economic Modelling.


Five selected/recent publications:


  1. Camarero, M., J. Sapena and C. Tamarit (2019): “Modelling Time-Varying parameters in panel data state-space frameworks: An application to the Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle", Computational Economics, forthcoming. Impacto JCR Economía (2017): 1.038. Q2.
  2. Camarero, M., Gómez, E. y C. Tamarit (2014) “Is the ‘euro effect´ on trade so small after all? New evidence using gravity equations with panel cointegration techniques", Economics Letters, 124: 140-142. Impacto (2013): 0.451. Q3.
  3. Camarero, M., J.L. Carrion-i-Silvestre y C. Tamarit (2013): “Global imbalances and the Intertemporal External Budget Constraint: A multicointegration approach”, Journal of Banking and Finance, 37:5357-5372. Impacto (2013): 1.36. Q1 (Business); Q2 (Economics).
  4. Esteve, V. and C. Tamarit (2012): “Threshold cointegration and nonlinear adjustment between CO2 and income: The Environmental Kuznets Curve in Spain, 1857–2007”, Energy Economics, 34, 2148-2156. Impacto (2013): 2.58. Q1 Economics.
  5. Camarero, M., R.G. Flôres y C. Tamarit (2006): “Monetary Unions and productivity differences in Mercosur countries”, Journal of Policy Modelling, 28, 53-66. Impact (2013): 1.042. Q2. Clave: A.
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