Computer Engineer and PhD from the University of Valencia, she is currently on secondment as Territorial Director at the Department of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society.

Until joining the Conselleria, she worked as Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department of the School of Engineering (ETSE-UV), where she was the director between 2015 and 2021, being the first woman to access the direction of this department.

Her career is divided into three main research lines: 1. Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics, 2. Software Engineering and 3. Digital Gender Gap. These lines culminated in the creation of the research group TADeSP (Advanced Techniques for Software Development centered on the Person) that works works on various interrelated and complementary lines of research, which share the common objective of analyzing the aspects that intervene in the relationship of the person who interacts with the software to be developed. Always taking into account the gender perspective and the diversity of the people who will use the applications, with the ultimate objective of providing advances in software quality from the point of view of human sight.