foto Stalin Alejandro Ortega Camino
PI-Contractat/Da Predoc.Santiago Grisolia
4.3.17 9h00 a 10h00 y 16h00 a 17h00

Alejandro Ortega Camino graduated as a Chemical Engineer at National Polytechnic School of Ecuador in 2017. He obtained his master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Universitat of Valencia in 2020. He joined the GI2AM group, as researcher, in 2021.
He has worked as a Chemical Engineer in important industries of sulfuric acid and sulfonic acid production for 3 years. He participated as speaker at VIII Meeting on Environmental Applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes and II Iberoamerican Congress on Advanced Oxidation Technologies at School of Engineering of Belo Horizonte, UFMG-Brazil in 2015, with his research on «Ultrasound treatment of effluents contaminated with phenols». Currently, his PhD is focused on the development of a continuous bioreactor for ABE fermentation with in-situ butanol recovery.

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