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Knowledge area: ECONOMIC STRUCTURE (specific)
Department: Economic Structure
(9638) 28360

Dr. Salvador Gil Pareja has a degree and PhD in Economic and Business Sciences from the Universitat de València (Extraordinary Award in both cases) and an MSc in Economics from University College London. He has done research visits at Fedea, the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard University, the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank and at several Spanish universities. He is author of twenty book chapters and more than 50 articles published in prestigious journals such as European Economic Review, Journal of Development Economics, Review of World Economics, Review of International Economics, The World Economy or Oxford Economic Papers, among others. He was elected member of the board of directors and treasurer of the Spanish Association of Economics and International Finance (2005-2011), associate editor of the Revista de Economía Aplicada (2006-2016), coordinator of the Degree in Economics (2013-2015) and head of the Department of Estructura Económica of the University of Valencia (2015-2021). Moreover, he has participated in several teaching manuals and he has received several recognitions and awards for his teaching.

Five selected/recent publications:

  1. Esteve-Pérez, S., Gil-Pareja, S. y Llorca-Vivero, R. (2020): Does the GATT/WTO promote trade? After all, Rose was right, Review of World Economics,
  2. Gil-Pareja, S., Llorca-Vivero, R. y Paniagua, J. (2019): “Trade law and trade flows”, The World Economy, disponible en
  3. Gil-Pareja, S., Llorca-Vivero, R. y Martínez-Serrano, J. A. (2014): “Do nonreciprocal preferential trade agreements increase beneficiaries’ exports?”, Journal of Development Economics, 107, págs. 291-304.
  4. Gil-Pareja, S., Llorca-Vivero, R. y Martínez-Serrano, J. A. (2008): “Trade effects of monetary agreements: Evidence for OECD countries”, European Economic Review, 52, págs. 733-755.
  5. Gil-Pareja, S. (2003): “Pricing to Market Behaviour in European Car Markets”, European Economic Review, 47, págs. 945-962. (Top 10 most requested articles at EER, 2003).
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