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Department: Language Theory and Communication Sciences

PhD in Hispanic Philology (2000), with a doctoral thesis on Spanish cinema.. She also has a Bachelor Degree in Audiovsual Communication (1997) and a Minor in Audiovisual Languages (1993) at University of Valencia.

She has been a Visiting Insructor of Spanish at Longwood College, VA (EEUU) (1998-99), currently Longwood University. Since 1999 she teaches at University of Valencia (UV). She has taught undergraduated and graduated courses in Audiovisual Communication, undergraduated courses in Journalism and in Multimedia Engineering at University of Valencia, undergraduated courses at Longwood College, and graduated courses at its headquarters in Mérida (Venezuela) and at University of Oriente at Santiago de Cuba. She has also taught Spanish Cinema, among others classes, in Spanish and English, in several programs of Spanish for USA students at University of Valencia: UVA, ISA, UNC and ISU (1990-2017).

She is co-PI of the international research project Qualitative and quantitative analysis of tourism-inducing factors in audiovisual fiction and their effects on audiences and potential tourists, ref. PID2020-112668GB-I00, funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) of the Spanish Government, at University of Valencia, together with Jorge Nieto Ferrando (Universitat de Lleida).

She has been PI of the international research team CITur (Cinema, Imaginary and Tourism) at University of Valencia (2020-21) that has developed projects with funding from Generalitat Valenciana (2005-06), Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (2012-14) and from Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (2014-20).

She was a member of the I + D research team de I + D Mediaflows in el project "Ecología de la desinformación: la construcción de las noticias falsas y su impacto en el espacio público"  (AICO2020/224) led by Guillermo López García (Universitat de València) and the research team led by Josep Gifreu Pinsach (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) working on television and migration (2001-03).

She led two projects of educational innovation at University of Valencia on cooperative work and use of ICT (2009-10 and 2010-11). She has participated in two other,  NAPCED 4-0, on literary cybergenres and multimedial formats (2021-22 and 2022-23) and El Mur, a transmedia project (2019-20).

She has been the director of Aula de Cinema at University of Valencia (2001-02).

Her research lines are Spanish cinema and tourism, and interactive communication (CMC). Among her most recent publications there are:

- (2022): "Entre txantxigorri y txacolin: rutas literarias y cinematográficas que dinamizan el turismo neolocal en el valle del Baztán", en A. del Rey Reguillo y R. Mestre Pérez (coords.), Cine español actual, patrimonio autóctono y turismo, pp. 151-206, Gedisa.

- (2021): "Film Commissions hoy: el cine al servicio de los rodajes y el turismo", pp. 91-100; "El turismo moderno en el cine español", pp. 191-200; "Posturismo en el cine español contemporáneo", pp. 201-215, en A.del Rey Reguillo (ed.), La huella del turismo en un siglo de cine español (1916-2015), Síntesis.

- (2021): Media crisis and disinformation: the participation of digital newspapers in the dissemination of a denialist hoax, El Profesional de la Información, vol. 30, nº 4, con Lorena Cano-Orón, Dafne Calvo y Germán Llorca-Abad.

- (2020): «Secular Re-Symbolisation of the Santiago Pilgrimage in Spanish Cinema: the Case of The Way and Road to Santiago», L’Atalante. Revista de estudios cinematográficos, nº30, pp. 17-32.

- (2020): «España, plató de cine: claroscuros de las rutas de cine y televisión». Revista de Estudios Turísticos, nº 220, pp. 9-31.

- (2018), "Japan in Spain. Japanese culture through Spanish eyes in the film Gisaku", Arts, 7(4), 93, Special Issue on Japanese Transnational Cinema, pp. 1-14.

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