foto Maria Paz Viguer Segui
PDI-Titular d'Universitat
Department: Developmental and Educational Psychology
Directora Càtedra de Joventut UV Departament Psicologia Evolutiva i de l'Educació Facultat de Psicologia i Logopedia Av. Blasco Ibañez 21. 46010 València
(9639) 83493

Paz Viguer Seguí. PhD in Psychology by the University of Valencia. Full Professor in the Dept. of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of Valencia (UV) since 2000. Her research focuses on the field of Developmental Optimization, dedicated to the study and promotion of optimal development. Since 2001, she has been director of the Developmental Optimization research group (GIOE) and since 2019, she has been director of the optimal development promotion research group (GIDOP) born from the union of the GIOE group and the Vinculaciones affectivas group directed by Dra. Maria José Cantero. In addition, since 2015 she is a member of the EnveCoEm Ageing: Cognition and Emotion group, directed by Dr. Juan Carlos Melendez. Currently, she participates in interdisciplinary teams together with psychologists, gerontologists, methodologists, sociologists and social educators, in studies aimed at empirically investigating the effectiveness of interventions in the promotion of development, improving the subject's skills, his well-being and his quality of life, especially in childhood, adolescence and youth.

During his research career she has directed and participated in numerous competitive research projects obtaining local, national and European funding. Likewise, it has signed about 25 agreements and contracts with public institutions and associations. As a result of these projects, contracts and collaborations, there are about half a hundred scientific publications, with more than 30 publications in national and international journals, most of them indexed in well-known databases (JCR and Scimago) and more than 10 chapters and books in important publishing houses. This research trajectory has allowed her to obtain a positive evaluation from the CNEAI in three research semesters, one of them being in the transfer modeof knowledge.

His contributions to society through the transfer to the applied field of his work are also numerous. He has participated in more than 120 national and international courses, congresses and scientific meetings, most of them aimed at professionals in psychology and education, as well as families. An area of special interest since its beginnings as researchers has been the transfer of knowledge through a coordinated community-university work that has allowed the continuous application of actions with theoretical and methodological rigor in schools, municipalities and social entities. All the contracts and agreements directed have been along these lines and have given important results such as the creation of a local model for the prevention of violence and the promotion of coexistence that was adopted by the Generalitat de Catalunya and implemented in several municipalities, the development of family debates as participative methodology carried out with more than 4000 families, or the creation of the model of extensive accompaniment to adolescents which, among other aspects, resulted in the creation of Rizom asociación educativa. This involvement in the applied professional field has consolidated a line of research aimed at promoting optimal development that brings benefits to children, adolescents, families and communities. On the other hand, in terms of teaching innovation, it belongs to the IQ-teaching innovation group of the UV. This group focuses on the design and validation of resources and intervention proposals aimed at facilitating the academic and social adjustment of new students, as well as the incorporation of evaluation methodologies in the university.

Throughout his academic career, his involvement in the training of young researchers is undeniable, offering scholarships and contracts in research projects and contracts and directing more than 25 master's theses and doctoral theses. On the other hand, it is worth noting her commitment to applied psychology in workplaces, being coordinator of the department's external interships and having tutored more than 300 students.

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