foto Jesus Gimeno Sancho
PDI-Ajudant Doctor/A
Coordinador/a Curs
Department: Computer Science
IRTIC Despacho 0.6.6 C\ Catedrático Jose Beltrán, 2 Paterna CP:46.980 Valencia
(9635) 43582

Dr. Jesús Gimeno Sancho is a lecturer of Computer Graphics in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Valencia (Spain) and a senior researcher of the Institute of Robotics and Information and Communication Technology (IRTIC). He received his master degree in Computer Science (2008) and a diploma degree in Telecommunications (2009) from the University of Valencia. His final thesis work was awarded with the “Best thesis of the year award” by the Rotary Club, for the development of a whole body motion capture system inside the CAVE virtual reality system, so a user would be able to see his virtual reflection in a virtual mirror. During his pre-doctoral stage, he was granted with a 4-years research grant by the spanish government, to research the application of augmented reality as a testing tool for exoskeletons prototypes. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Valencia (2016), with a dissertation entitled “Contributions to the Authoring of Augmented Reality Contents for Education, Industry and Construction Sectors”. Dr. Gimeno was a research fellow at two remarkable research centres in AR-VR fields, the Augmented Reality Group at Bauhaus Universitat (Weimar, Germany, 2008) and at VRAC Center at Iowa State University (Ames IO, USA, 2010).

His research interests include primarily augmented reality and virtual reality, but also motion capture, real time simulation, advanced user interfaces and mobile computing. He has developed his career as academical researcher and professor, but also as a researcher in a great number of projects related to his area of expertise. He is author of 40+ scientific publications including international conferences, high impact journals and chapters within books. Important topics related to virtual and augmented reality are covered in these publications, for example: authoring, collaborative systems, development of new tracking systems and user interfaces, etc. His article “An occlusion-aware AR authoring tool for assembly and repair tasks”, was awarded with the best paper prize at the International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (GRAPP / VISIGRAPP, 2012). In this paper is proved how to improve the authoring process of augmented reality contents using a depth sensor, as a result the number of errors decrease while increase the precision of the virtual information position. Dr. Gimeno has also collaborated in more than 60 projects since 2006, with funding both from Spanish or European government an also from private companies. During the development of these projects, primarily related to VR and AR, he has collaborated with many different Research Centres from Europe and US, but also with important international companies. Among other projects, in the early stages of augmented reality, 2007-2010, he designed augmented reality prototypes for the Orange company. He collaborated with Dragados (ACS Group) and Leica Geosystems (Hexagon Group), developing new tools involving augmented and virtual reality to improve the construction management process (2010-2016). From 2014 to 2017 he collaborated with FORD company to improve the industrial processes by the application of augmented reality. In the last years, several collaborations have been performed with hospitals, related to the robotic surgery topic and the application of virtual and augmented reality in the pre-operative phase.

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