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Knowledge area: ECONOMIC STRUCTURE (specific)
Department: Economic Structure
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Dr. Francisco Requena Silvente is Full Professor in Applied Economics at the Universitat de València. He got his Ph.D. in Economics from the London School of Economics. He was Reader in Economics at University of Sheffield (2013-2016) and Assistant Professor at University of California, Davis (2008-2009). His main research area is Applied International Economics, with special interest in international trade and international migration. His work has been published in several scientific journals including Review of World Economy, The World Economy, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Small Business Economics, Regional Studies, among others.




Five selected/recent publications:




1.      De Lucio, Juan, Mínguez, R., Minondo, A, Requena, F (2020) “The granular and fundamental components of export specialization”, The World Economy, forthcoming.


2.      Martín-Montaner, J., Serrano, G., Requena, F. (2018) “Networks and self-employment migrants”, Small Business Economics, 51, 735-755.


3.      Gil-Pareja, S., Martinez-Serrano, J., Llorca, R., Requena, F,. (2015), “Regional export promotion offices and trade margins”, Review of World Economy, 151 (1), 145-167.


4.      Esteve, S., Pallardo, V., Requena, F. (2013) The duration of firm-destination export relationships: Evidence from Spain, 1997-2006, Economic Inquiry, 51(1) , 159-180.


5.      Peri, G. and Requena-Silvente, Francisco (2010) The Trade Creation Effect of Immigrants: Evidence from the Remarkable Case of Spain, Canadian Journal of Economics, 43(4) 1433-1459.


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