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Santiago Felici Universitat de Valencia ETSE (Dpto Informatica) Av La Universitat s/n 46100 Burjassot- Valencia
(9635) 43563
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Hi! my name is Santiago Felici-Castell, I was born in Algemesí (Valencia). I completed my master's degree and my PhD in Telecommunication Engineering at the Universitat Politècnica de València in 1993 and 1998 respectively. I am currently a tenured assistance professor at the Universitat de València in the ETSE in the area of telematic engineering. My work focuses on computer networks, especially wireless sensor networks (Internet of Things), multimedia networks and software-defined networks on synchronisation and quality of service aspects, where I have published more than 43 papers in international conferences (two of them as best paper award) and more than 38 papers in international journals (28 of them with high impact, in high impact Journal Citation Report (JCR), Q1, Q2 with more than 800 cites). I am reviewer of several high impact journals and member of serveral internacional conferences. I have participated in 13 national, 3 European, 1 European Network of Excellence and 1 national competitive projects.  I have been principal investigator (PI) in 5 research projects (ELAS, Varimos I and II, Urbauramon, Eco4Ruppa). I collaborate with different international centres: from the pre-doctoral stage Cern (CH), USC (USA) and from the post-doctoral stage in UA (IT, DETI, Aveiro City Lab), UWS (Beyond 5G Hub, UK), UCE (Millenium P., UK), UCY(DECS, CY), UNAB (CO), UFS (BR) and UCA (DEI-LED, PY) and national centres UPCatalonia (SP), UPV, UMurcia (SP). 
I have supervised 2 doctoral theses (and a third one planned for 2023). I have also supervised more than 20 master's theses and 37 final projects and/or final degree projects. I have collaborated with private companies through 10 research and development contracts. I am a certified Cisco Systems instructor and coordinator of the Networking Academy of the University of Valencia. I have participated in several Teaching Innovation Projects and I have been director of the masters 'Advanced Sciences of Modern Telecommunications' and 'Routing, switching, troubleshooting and data optimisation', as well as course coordinator for the degree in Telematics, Erasmus, Final Degree Projects and Practicum.  I have been part of the PhD commission of the Information, Communication and Computing Technologies Programme until December 2020, I am an evaluator of the AQU Catalan Quality Agency, the Andalusian Agency and MINECO.

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