foto Carles Xavier Simo Noguera
PDI-Catedratic/a d'Universitat
Coordinador/a de Programa de Doctorat
Knowledge area: SOCIOLOGY
Department: Sociology and Social Anthropology
(9616) 25335

Carles X. Simó Noguera has a Ph.D. in Demography from the University of Montreal (Quebec, Canada). He has worked as a researcher at the University of Durham (United Kingdom), the Center for Demographic Studies at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and the University of Bielefeld (Germany). He has been a visiting researcher and professor at the University of Córdoba (Argentina), the University of Bamberg (Germany), the University of Iceland, the Social Research Institute of Norway, and the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. Since 2003, he has worked at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology of the University of Valencia, where he joined the "Ramón y Cajal program" to recruit doctors. His research has focused on population information systems, divorce, family demographics, life cycles and transitions, immigration, and aging. His publications emphasize the incorporation of the gender perspective. Much of his research has been developed in the participation and in the management of R+D+I projects by means of competitive tendering. In addition, he has directed social transfer projects through agreements with the private sector, public administrations, and organizations of the third sector. He participates as an external evaluator in several scientific journals and in Spanish and international organizations that finance research in the social sciences. He has been a member of the Research Commission of the Universitat de València and of the sociodemographic Committee of the Regional Ministry of The health of the Valencian Government (Generalitat Valenciana). He currently coordinates the Doctorate Program in Social Sciences of the University of Valencia and coordinates the social science laboratory 'Social·lab' of the same university and leads the Group of analysis and demographic research of the Valencian population - DEMOVAL, ref. GIUV2019-466 at the same university. He has recently co-directed the project Legal and Sociological Analysis of Gender Gaps in Work-Retirement-Work Transitions: Factors of Inequality and Regulatory Proposals RTI2018-095888-B-I00 of the 2018 Call for Projects of R+D+I “Research Challenges” of the State Program oriented to the Challenges of the Society, and is the leader, in the University of Valencia, of the project of the European Commission Housing for Immigrants and Community Integration in Europe and Beyond: Strategies, Policies, dwellings, and governance (MERGING) EC 101004535.[Biography, english version]

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