foto Ana Sales Ten
PDI-Contractat/Da Doctor/A
Director/a Titulacio Master Oficial
Facultad de Ciencias Sociales Av. Tarongers, 4b 46021 València Despacho: 2D26
(9638) 28837

PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Valencia, she is a lecturer in the Department of Social Work and Social Services. She is a researcher at the University Institute of Local Development attached to the INNODES Research Group. She teaches Social Projects in the Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and Social Work Internships. In the Inter-University Master's Degree in Development Cooperation, she teaches Methods, Techniques and Instruments for Local Development and Initiation to Research. She is the Director of the Specialisation Diploma in Evaluation and Management of International Development Cooperation Projects. Her main areas of research at national and international level (European Union) focus on:  

  • Immigration, cultural diversity and Human Rights
  • Development cooperation
  • Social cohesion and social services in local development.
  • Management and intervention policies with vulnerable groups and those at risk of exclusion.