The student can choose to study abroad during the second and third semesters, that is to say, to take in the University of Valencia the 30 credits of the compulsory module 1, that consists of 6 subject areas (Global Business Planning, Global Marketing strategies, Global strategic analysis, Management of human resources in global contexts, International finances and International business law) and abroad the remaining 60 credits, or vice versa, i.e. to take the first semester abroad and the second and third in the University of Valencia. The universities that participate in the exchange programme are those belonging to the alliance IBSA (International Business School Alliance), that currently are: Bremen University of Applied Sciences (Germany); Institute of Business Studies, Moscow (Russia); University of North Carolina, Wilmington (USA); University of Hertfordshire (UK); ESSCA School of Management Paris (France).

It is compulsory to take the first and second semesters at two different universities from among those participating in this program.