The admission is personalized, considering the curriculum and the academic record of the applicant person and according to the global parameters which are established by the current rules.

1.Students should have completed university studies of licenciatura, diplomatura (Former Spanish undergraduate degrees) in the fields of economy and business. In the case that the qualification in which the student wants to access to the Master’s is not compatible with this one, the interested person should certificate basic knowledge in business management, marketing and finances. This knowledge could be certificate as follows:
a)Marks certificate of their university of origin and a certificate that prove that they have taken and passed the indicated subject areas.
b)Seminars, courses or other master degrees.

2.Students will be required a high level of English. This will be confirmed by checking that applicants, whose mother tongue is not English, are able to justify at least 6.5 points in IELTS or 550 in TOEFL (213 in TOEFL by computer; 79 in TOEFL by Internet). The student doesn’t t need this accreditation if he/she proves to have completed a significant part of his/her studies in English.

3.Students are recommended to include a cover letter, where they can express their interest for the Master’s.

Grading system
Compatibility of the studies completed with the Master’s (25%)
Average mark of the academic record (35%)
Language skills (20%)
Previous work experience (10%)
Additional education in the study area of the Master’s (5%)
Explanatory statement or personal interview (5%)