1st year

Total credits: 60 | Compulsory: 42, Optional: 18.
Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
43047 Effects of pollution 9 Compulsory Check info
43048 Measurement of environmental pollution on humans 3 Compulsory Check info
43049 Sampling and analysis of environmental pollutants by mass spectrometry 3 Compulsory Check info
43068 External internships 6 Compulsory Check info
43046 Polluting processes 9 Compulsory Check info
43069 Master's final project 12 Compulsory Check info
Elective subjects 18 Optional

Elective subjects

Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
43055 Biogeochemical principles for the study of pollution 3 Optional Check info
43056 Physiological principles of resistance to xenobiotics 3 Optional Check info
43061 Bioassays of ecotoxicity 3 Optional Check info
43058 Biomarkers of pollution 3 Optional Check info
43053 Water quality and ecological status of inland aquatic ecosystems 4 Optional Check info
43054 Climate change and biodiversity 3 Optional Check info
43052 Climate change and carbon cycle 3 Optional Check info
43057 Endocrine disruption 3 Optional Check info
43065 Health education 3 Optional Check info
43063 Environmental epidemiology 3 Optional Check info
43062 Assessment of the impact of anthropic activities on the natural environment and on the population's health 3 Optional Check info
43059 Histology and histopathology of bioindicator animals 3 Optional Check info
43066 Indicators and health monitoring systems of environmental hazards 3 Optional Check info
43064 Research in education for sustainability of environmental health 3 Optional Check info
43051 Laboratory of environmental pollution: design of networks for monitoring the effects of environmental pollution 3 Optional Check info
43067 Waste materials and the environment 3 Optional Check info
43060 Reproductive and developmental toxicology 3 Optional Check info
43050 Use of remote sensing to determine pollution 2 Optional Check info

For the 2022-2023 academic year, this master's degree is offered without specialties, see the observations tab of the curriculum to check the offer of electives.